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Friday, August 30, 2013

Mandisa - Overcomer (Lyric Video)

Sorry this post has been so long in the making....to say the least this has been a year for the books....I've thought about this group so many times...Music is my therapy and it has seemed almost as if the devil has been attacking my time of being able to get focused back with listening to music....stressed and depressed have not even begin to describe my feelings as of late.

As a children's minsiter at my church, I have struggled so many Sunday's of late trying to get a "message" together for my kids...which I adore. I'm also our Praise team leader and some days it felt like a horrible fight in my mind trying to get songs picked out to lead people into God's presence.

Someone told me shortly after I took after as leader of the Praise team at our church that they could see a different and stronger anointing on me and they were amazed...well apparantly that just sparked another thing for the enemy to attack in my life. I'm sure you have all had those days!! I sat here this morning at work and I was feeling defeated, tried, and just down right overwhelmed, I've been listening to a few new songs but like I said I just couldn't shake the feelings I was dealing with...I'm still fighting those things but I do feel like now I have some ammunition to go in to the fight. One I sat a couple Sunday's ago now and listened to a message by Pastor Melvin and it Stirred my heart (which is ironic for me because my children's minister at church is called STIR) listening to Pastor Melvin talk about the children, gave me a burst of energy and ideas and I felt like I caught a breath.

In the same regard that happened to me this morning with three emails...one from NeNe and two from Karen...they were talking about a new cd that just hit the stores and I'll be honest I downloaded the title track a couple weeks ago but hadn't listened to it all the way through...well today I did....it read my mail...and I hope if you have been struggling at all that it reads your's too. o matter what we are facing in life there is one thing we need to know, we are Overcomer's...why because God says we are, and because as a saying I read yesterday say's "When you are feeling like you are drowning in life's problems just remember that your lifeguard walks on water!!!" Today let's purpose -- I know I am -- that as this Mandisa song I'm linking to you were not going under because we are an Overcomer!!!

Be Blessed!!!

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